MMMMH, ICECOLD SMOOTHIES. Nutrition is a very important element in my life. Healthy food fascinates me and I actually like the food. Of course I like a hamburger, soda, chips etc. but a fruit salad, smoothie, avocado, almends and so on is heaven for me. Let me guess, now you think I'm a health freak, who runs 3 hours a day but no, no, no! I just know that healthy food is essential for a good happy life! So next time you pour yourself a glass of soda, think of me and my big glass of blueberry smoothie.. Enjoy! ;-)

Nice, France 2010. The whole street was a market with ingredients, fish, meat, fruit and vegetables. I could have used all day just looking and smelling every little thing! Btw, it's my sister's arm in the picture.


BEAUTY STARTS WITH smooth, healthy, glowing skin. I'm sitting in my bed, reading the Bobbi Brown MAKEUP MANUAL and then I look at the picture of her. She is an amazing makeup artist! Buy the book, I have learned some much about cosmetics, skincare etc. I have always protected my skin and I love when my skin is healthy. I use different products, meanly because my skintype is a little difficult. However Origins are my favorite, because there are no parabens, synthetic fragrance and no animal ingredients in the products! Here are my favorite beauty products. Tell me which are your favorites?

1 / have a nice day, origins 2/ mentholatum lipbalm 3/ pure empreinte, lancôme 4/ high potency night-a-mins, origins 5/ flowerbomb by viktor&rolf 6/ face treatment oil, clarins 7/ modern frition, origins.



MARC ST. JAMES is my favorit tv-show gay. I love all about him: style, personality (even the bad site!), humor and he had a chubby cute boyfriend! I have to admit that I only see Ugly Betty, so I can get my Marc/Wilhelmina/Amanda fix for the day. I mean Amanda is so beautiful, evil and sweet at the same time. Willy is just fabulous, mean, cool and I could go on and on and on.. :-)
What do you guys think about the Ugly Betty team?


ZARA IS ONE of my favorit brands. I just checked the collections, and I found SO many absolutly amazing pieces! I allways find shoes at Zara, and I love the design - classisk with a touch of funness (can I say that? ..whatever) I found 8 shoes - four pumps, one boot and one sandal. I normally go for the more classisk pumps in either black or brown, but I actually really like these shoes, mostly the yellow pair! I just need all of these shoes for the summerparties, because they are so pretty - and like my sister said to my: "Shoes allways looks pretty on your foot, you never looks fat, tired or stupid in a pair of high heels or any shoe for that matter!" Dear sis, I could'nt agree more. I have looked all over for a pair of nice boots, and again Zara had the answer.. The boots are sexy. How could I forget the studded leather shopper. The definition of this shopper is a nice leather bag raped around in pure rawness! This shopper is one of my top priorities this summer. Stay tuned!



I LOVE LOVE LOVE my boyfriend H&M trousers! They are the most comfortable pants I own and they are perfect for summer parties. I wore them last week with some black pumps and it looked so sexy! Later skaters
Black sweather from H&M, white trousers from H&M and my favorite leather brogues from Topshop.


OK, SO i really need a new camera asap. I have two reasons why and it's so I can take better pictures for this blog and for my travel 'down under' in 2012! I'm so exicted for the trip! The picture above is taking from my ooold camera and its truly bad! Sorry..
(Sparkle & Fade top, Topshop denim pant, Karen Millen watch and Shoe Biz plateau ballerinas)


ONE OF MY girl-cruch right now is Liya Kebede. I saw her in the movie Desert Flower and she was amazing. I mean first of all she is a total power women: model, designer, actress, maternal health advocate and on top for all that, she also serve as ambassador for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health for WHO. Then she got that beautiful ethiopian face and a body to kill for. She's so fascinating!


OK, CAN'T STOP THINKING about these two watches from DKNY and Casio. I have a black one from Karen Millen, but I really want a silver watch a la my boyfriends watch. I found this retro pink digital watch from Casio and it will be so perfect for a black/white outfit! Later skaters



Kicki and I, CPH, Kongens Have & Distortion 2011

Topshop shoes, H&M pants, Sparkle & Fade top, H&M sunglasses, Karen Millen watch and Octopus bag



TONIGHT I WAS at Distortion with one of my best friends and it's was an intense experience. Distortion is a Danish street party: it's free, it's in different neighborhoods each day, bars, cafes and galleries! It's a celebration of Copenhagen nightlife since 1998. And no, I normally do not attend these kinds of festivals, for one reason only - the whole thing smells SO BAD of urine! I'll load up some pictures from the streets of Copenhagen and Distortion tomorrow. Later skaters!

Scarlett, who?

After the third bottle of Möet & Chandon, Scarlett Johansson and Tim Walker agreed that it would be fun to do some photos based on cinematic icons. I'm really impressed by the photoshot. The photo is a look-a-like Buster Keaton! The photos was taken for W Magazine. I think Scarlett goes home with the award of looking like a man the most.

Check check check more information and pictures of the photoshot: www.wmagazine.com/celebrities/2011/scarleett-johansson-movie-greats-ss#slide=1