IN AKROPOLIS YOU CAN get water in a really cool way! This was one of the highlights of my day in Athens. Kind of sad, right?


LET'S FACE IT. People are in fact more violently opposed to fur than leather - because animals with fur are cuter and fluffier. But what about a cow? That's an animal to, it's not fluffy, but a cow is actually cute, right? Fur is wonderful, but I also kind of  agree that it's a crime. I find myself in this dilemma nearly every time I spot a beautiful fur coat or anything else made out of fur. Should I buy this lovely fur coat or should I not?
Questions pop up in my head: "Do I support animal cruelty? Fur looks so good on me!? What about animal rights? Oh shut up, I bet the animals are perfectly fine. But what would you say if a person cut of all your skin to wear like a coat? Wow, that's kind of harsh and macabre." Sadly, that's my endless dilemma!
However I have found the solution, so my fashion-heart and my animal rights-heart can walk hand in hand. (That sounded weird?) The solution is Faux Fur Coat from Zara. I seriously would consider killing a person to have this coat. It doesn't look cheap or fake. It looks absolutely wonderful and it's everything a fur coat ought to be. My day is saved. Stay tuned!  



I'M SO FASCINATED by Carey Hannah Mulligan. She so sweet, inspiring and beautiful! First of all her film debut was in a Jane Austen's movie, Pride & Prejudice in 2005. How cool is that? Jane Austen is my favorite author. Not enough, she also won several awards by her acting in An Education (amazing movie, btw!) and now The Great Gatsby is being filmed, where she will be playing the part as Daisy Buchanan. I need to see this movie! Wow, and not to mention - she also had a stage role in Broadway. Not to bad, right? 



WELL I DON'T have a lot of money at this moment. But I can still dream of new items in my wardrobe, right? I found some things on the internet, and I have to say I really like shopping on-line. My favorite spots on-line have to be ASOS, ZARA and TOPSHOP. My style is a mixture of classic clothes, high-street accessories and most of my shoes are actually kind of rock'ish. Let me hear about your favorit on-line spots? Stay tuned!