MMMMH, ICECOLD SMOOTHIES. Nutrition is a very important element in my life. Healthy food fascinates me and I actually like the food. Of course I like a hamburger, soda, chips etc. but a fruit salad, smoothie, avocado, almends and so on is heaven for me. Let me guess, now you think I'm a health freak, who runs 3 hours a day but no, no, no! I just know that healthy food is essential for a good happy life! So next time you pour yourself a glass of soda, think of me and my big glass of blueberry smoothie.. Enjoy! ;-)

Nice, France 2010. The whole street was a market with ingredients, fish, meat, fruit and vegetables. I could have used all day just looking and smelling every little thing! Btw, it's my sister's arm in the picture.

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