last day of school

In Denmark we have a tradition, where we dress up, spray water on other students, drinking beer and dancing our asses off the last day of school. I had so most fun! I created a costume so I looked like a man or at least a poor attempt to imitate a mafioso. My friend and I chose both to be men, and it was incredibly funny. My other friend showed up looking like a hotdog!


music playlist

these songs are my favorites this moment! Some of them are kinda old, but they are still my favorites. i have a mixed taste of music, but i would say that my favorite genre is rock, pop and hip hop.
Here are the favorit song on my iPod:

Aloe Blacc - I need a dollar
Florence & The Machine - Cosmic love
Fallulah - I lay my head
Kings of Leon - Manhattan (and all of the other songs!)
The Temper Trap - Fader
Kanye West - Power
Medina - Gutter
Bruno Mars - The lazy song
The script - If you ever come back
Tinie Tempah feat. Labrinth - Frisky

Which songs do you listen to this moment?




In my study I have a subject called culture, and I have found some amazing photographs of other cultures. I find the photos so inspirational and I want to share some of the pictures with you guys. I really like photos in many colors, because I do not wear much colors. I found some pictures without so many colors, but I really liked them to! The cultures I like the most is Asian, Indian and African. They have the most colors and amazing animal life and nature. All the pictures are from Nation Geographic and the photographers are so brilliant and talented! Go check out some more photos at http://www.nationalgeographic.com/

o sun, where art thou?

If you get shy, go hide behind your new sunnies. This summer go for round, squared, colored frames, laced, animal print, cat eye or glitter - those seen-it-before wayfares must go away! I have found some cool sunglasses from The Row! I want them soo bad. Here are some of my favorites, which are allmost all of them! ha.

I'm truly in love with the round black framed sunglasses from The Row. Right now I have some Gucci cat eyed sunglasses, which I bough in San Francisco two years ago. They are medium big in black/turtle color, so this time they must be small and not black! The big sunglasses I leave for Rachel Zoe! So I think it's time for some new sunnies and like I sad before, I already have black sunglasses, so this time I want some clear-framed or bright colored frames. Colors I can recommend this summer is nude, light pink, beige, light grey etc.
I checked out Asos, Topshop, The Row and other brands for different sunglasses and they have a huge range of sunglasses. Linda Farrow designs beautiful sunglasses and I actully found some cool sunglasses at H&M! My next sunglass-purchace is 100 % from The Row! Have you guys found some cool sunglasses and where?




This is my favorit lipstick! I love the darkness of it, but it is still chic (my opinion!). I like that I can wear this lipstick without any eye make-up. I'm truly a sucker for make-up, and I usually go all in if I'm attending a party. :-)

All three products are from M.A.C: Prep+Prime; is used to hold the lipstick on your lips - not all over you face! Lip Pencel, Stone; creates a 3D effect to your lips. Lipstick, Frost; it is a very dark brun color with some glitter in it. I usually use a lip brush to ad the color - it makes it smoother on your lip. (the daily tip!) I wear this look any time i can; going to the supermarket, to a party or gala.

See all the other amazing make-up products on M.A.C's homepage; http://www.maccosmetics.com/ !

Hope you enjoyed it!



My icons in 2011

Whitney Port is my all time favorit hair-muse! Her hair allways looks so cool and fresh. I'm truly jealous! Not only is her style cool (my opinion!), but I also like her personality - from what I have observed fra "The Hills" and "The City".

However my fashion icon will allways be Olivia Palermo. She was also a member of the The City creew - most known for being the bitchy and fashionable rival. Here is some of my favorit looks which includes different materials like leader, cotton, animal print, fur and a lot of cool statement accesories and of course her dear Hérmes Birkin bag(s) - in brown and black! Envious? Yeah!

My style is inspired by her and I really like that it is a mix of different brands - cheap as well as expensive. She's likes Topshop and is often seen wearing items from their collections.. I like that it does not have to be Burberry, Chanel or Chloé before it's fashionable. Topshop can do it as well! .. So if I could steel her wardrobe, I serious would be the happiest girl alive!

She is often seen with her german maaaan-candy, Johannes!

What do you think about her style?