This is my favorit lipstick! I love the darkness of it, but it is still chic (my opinion!). I like that I can wear this lipstick without any eye make-up. I'm truly a sucker for make-up, and I usually go all in if I'm attending a party. :-)

All three products are from M.A.C: Prep+Prime; is used to hold the lipstick on your lips - not all over you face! Lip Pencel, Stone; creates a 3D effect to your lips. Lipstick, Frost; it is a very dark brun color with some glitter in it. I usually use a lip brush to ad the color - it makes it smoother on your lip. (the daily tip!) I wear this look any time i can; going to the supermarket, to a party or gala.

See all the other amazing make-up products on M.A.C's homepage; http://www.maccosmetics.com/ !

Hope you enjoyed it!


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