LET'S FACE IT. People are in fact more violently opposed to fur than leather - because animals with fur are cuter and fluffier. But what about a cow? That's an animal to, it's not fluffy, but a cow is actually cute, right? Fur is wonderful, but I also kind of  agree that it's a crime. I find myself in this dilemma nearly every time I spot a beautiful fur coat or anything else made out of fur. Should I buy this lovely fur coat or should I not?
Questions pop up in my head: "Do I support animal cruelty? Fur looks so good on me!? What about animal rights? Oh shut up, I bet the animals are perfectly fine. But what would you say if a person cut of all your skin to wear like a coat? Wow, that's kind of harsh and macabre." Sadly, that's my endless dilemma!
However I have found the solution, so my fashion-heart and my animal rights-heart can walk hand in hand. (That sounded weird?) The solution is Faux Fur Coat from Zara. I seriously would consider killing a person to have this coat. It doesn't look cheap or fake. It looks absolutely wonderful and it's everything a fur coat ought to be. My day is saved. Stay tuned!  

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