I WANTED TO spoil myself a little yesterday, so I bought a new camera, Nikon D3100, which is a digital reflex camera. I can really recommend this camera - it's light, not to big and it takes perfect and beautiful pictures, like any other reflex cameras. The guy who I bought the camera from, he told me about this really cool way to make your pictures even more fantastic and if you want to be a bit more creativ. You can use this thing called HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE or like normal people would call it HDR. He explained that you take three photos - one in normal light, one in low light and one in high light. Then you mix the three pictures together and voila a fantastic picture comes to life, more or less. Of course you need a programme, but every camera can do it, reflex cameras as well as normal pocket cameras. Here are some HDR pictures. Tell me what you think?

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